This is a card Board game for people who love adventures with funny characters


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Ready to dive into a mystical adventure ?  Love to play and win ? Wanna become leader of a castle? Well, then orn funny and exciting game is inviting you to plunge into the world of magic and fight for the right to become Lord of Darkness !

Everyone, at least once in a lifetime, wanted to perform a role of a conqueror. Playing this game with your family or friends, you are sure to have fun! Orn - conquest of the castle!

 Castle Conquest is a card board game -very interesting and exciting strategy.  Game duration is 10-40 minutes and it offers you two types of scenarios subject to a direction you take.

God orn - immerse yourself into exciting adventure in the world where Vampires, Ghosts, Zombies and Skeletons coexist perfectly well as good neighbors until god  bloodthirsty god of war shows up there. And instantly carnal monsters fill in everything and create fearful havoc everywhere for the glory of their god orn and kick evil monsters off wherever they come from.

You gonna make an amazing journey ! Open a map, collect artifacts, find one of four magic keys bypassing daring attacks of nasty monsters !

Playing field is initially covered with special tokens imitating unexplored areas to be discovered by our heroes. Each character begins its’ journey with part of the world it belongs to. Gradually the character is discovering new and newer spaces. First move is made from a castle where the character resides (token is at far square corner). Characters move around the map by casting the dice. The number drawn on the dice will tell you how many cells the player is allowed to open in one move.

The playing field is randomly covered with various adventure tokens, therefore every new game party is different from the previous one.

During their journey the players one at a time open cells and collect magical items of different values. Generally the outcome of the game depends on luck.

Upon opening the playing field the players take cards from the deck which influence the course of events. You gonna have a fierce battle with monsters, take interesting routes and make unique finds.

But where there are monsters, there are heroes ! They always pop up in due time to defeat this ever-present evil. According to ancient prophecy, one "hero" has to be chosen from every nation and all kingdoms rely on heroes. The ultimate goal of the game is to defeat evil god orn,  and kick evil monsters off wherever they come from.

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